Recycling – an eternal cycle

A major contribution to the circular economy

Our business model is based on sustainability. In our electric arc furnaces we melt exclusively scrap, refine alloy elements based on their area of application, and thus establish a perfect circular economy. Our electric arc furnaces mean that we have a fundamentally very CO2-efficient production process.

Steel production in the electric arc furnace (EAF)

Steel production is dominated by two process routes: converting iron ore to steel and converting scrap to steel. Swiss Steel Group only uses the scrap-based route, in which special long steel is produced in an electric arc furnace by recycling scrap steel.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Compared to the blast-furnace route, production from steel scrap in an electric arc furnace is more flexible, specialized and environmentally friendly. The EAF route produces less than one quarter of the CO2 emissions, at approximately 0.36 tons. The CO2 emissions can be cut even further depending on the energy source used.

Materials cycle

100% electric