Production in specialized niches

Flexible in production and broad in range

Swiss Steel Group can manufacture a very large number of different types of steel in electric arc furnaces in accordance with customers’ individual needs and using a multitude of formulas. The focus is on special long steel in the form of bars and wire with specific material properties. In this respect, the Group differs from the mass market.

An electric arc furnace can be loaded relatively flexibly based on customer demand and order volumes. Swiss Steel Group stands out from most of the competition by virtue not only of its high production flexibility, but also its vast product range. Our ten steelworks in Germany, France, Canada, Switzerland and the USA are equipped with their own electric arc furnace, with each complementing the other in terms of formats and grades. The products can be delivered in accordance with customer requirements in the form of ingots (from ingot casting), blooms, billets, rods, wire rods, drawn wire or powder.

Global special long steel production in 2019

Special long steel product groups