International Swissness

Listed in Switzerland – active worldwide

We are perfectly positioned for the future, bolstered by our central location in Europe neighboring our three major geographical markets and our global distribution network. We reinforce our market position by means of industrial integration and the optimal use of the available resources, which allows us to leverage synergies.

Our business strategy

Leveraging synergies

In addition to continuously improving our operating performance in the Business Units, we aim to fully harness our strengths as an integrated Group. In recent years, we have driven forward industrial integration, established networks within the Group, and introduced extensive measures designed to exploit synergies, in particular in the areas of sales, research and development, support functions, procurement and logistics. This also enables us to optimize costs.

Growing in attractive niche markets

We operate in niche markets in the steel industry where we see major growth potential and can complement and optimize our product portfolio and extend our sales activities.

Strengthening customer relationships

We have long-standing and close relationships with our customers, which we aim to further build on and reinforce. We view ourselves as providers of solutions – not only products – and thus develop our innovative approaches to solving problems in partnership with our customers.

Consolidating our technology leadership

As a unique provider with a comprehensive and technically highly sophisticated product portfolio, we anticipate that our steel products will be subject to constantly rising demands. For this reason, each year we invest substantial resources in research and development, in modernizing our machines and plants and in driving forward the Group’s digital transformation so as to further consolidate our technology leadership in the special long steel segment.

Value chain